The Nature Of Squirrels And Bird Feeders

June 4, 2018

A great deal of people like to feed birds which visit their yard, and if you have seen any kind of garden store in search of one, you’ll quickly realise that there are plenty to choose from. When you’ve decided on the feeder you want, brought it home and set it up in your backyard, you may see that it is not only bringing birds, but squirrels also. The dilemma is that squirrels like bird feeders also.

This can cause a problem for your own garden critters, and you might think that they’re cute but soon they will be harshly wrecking your bird table, scaring away birds out of the backyard, and stealing the bird seed to themselves - It’s guaranteed you won’t enjoy them then! Squirrels eat bird feeders and not simply the feed, which makes them a real nuisance. made from types of wood or plastic stand no opportunity. If you would like to keep them out of your backyard and off from the bird feed, then you want to think about getting a squirrel proofed bird feeder.

You may think about altering the bird feed, to try and persuade squirrels to go somewhere else, but sadly squirrels and birds enjoy the same types of food. Regardless of what type of seed or nut which you set in your feeder, squirrels will attempt to get to it and wind up destroying your bird feeder in the procedure. When seeking to keep fleas off, bird feeders that are made of wire are essential.

As well as squirrel proofing your feeder with metal wire (or even buying a squirrel proof feeder, as the case may be), then you need to take a look at the location of your bird feeder too. Squirrels can jump around 12 ft in length, therefore the ideal thing to do is try and keep your puppy from any surface that the squirrels can use to get to it. Even though the chances are that the squirrel proof feeder really works, there is no harm in a taking a bit extra additional precaution.

Surprisingly, these kinds of feeders are not that expensive, so they are a welcome addition to any garden if you want to keep squirrels out.